Sativa or Indica for Bipolar Disorder

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Sativa or Indica for Bipolar Disorder

Many people ask whether to use sativa or indica for bipolar disorder. Read on to learn more about how cannabis can alleviate bipolar symptoms and which strains work best for this particular disorder.  

2.3 million Americans are diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder (BPD). This disorder is also known as manic depression. It is a mental health condition that causes extreme mood swings, from depression to mania. When people have depression, they experience fatigue and sadness. However, when people have mania, they often have problems with too much energy, impulsivity, and insomnia. Luckily, cannabis offers a way to treat this disorder by reducing mood swings and improving quality of life. 

So, which strains should you use? Should you use sativa or indica for bipolar disorder? The answer is both! There are several important differences between indica and sativa to note when choosing a strain. Indica strains are most useful for those who are suffering from mania. These strains tend to have higher CBD levels. As a result, indicas help relax the mind and body by providing a body high. This soothes muscle spasms and anxiety. It also allows the user to sleep. As a result, they tend to be most useful at night or to help with lack of appetite

Conversely, sativa strains are best for those dealing with depression. Sativas have lower CBD vs THC levels than indicas, giving the consumer more energy. In addition, sativas improve mood and lessen depressive feelings. Furthermore, sativas may help to reduce impulsive actions by lessening mood swings.

We’ve selected 5 best strains for bipolar disorder:

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Do Si Dos

Named after the Girl Scout cookie, this indica dominant (70/30) strain offers potent relief. It has a THC level of 24-28%, and its parent strains are Face Off and Girl Scout Cookies. This strain is highly effective but also easy to overdo. Use the 2 puff rule before indulging in more. The Do Si Dos strain imparts fast and effective relief. After use, people experience a cerebral rush of euphoria which quickly wears off to dreamy bliss. This strain can make people feel sleepy and can aid with insomnia. Sometimes people can also feel couch locked. As a result, this strain is best used at night. Many people also use this strain for chronic pain, depression, and nausea. For a sedating, euphoric strain that tastes like sweet pine, try Do Si Dos. 

Sour Diesel

This strain has many uses and was featured in our Cannabis and ADHD article. It is a very potent sativa dominant strain with 20-25% THC and 2% CBD. It is the offspring of Chemdawg and Super Skunk. Sour Diesel gives an instant euphoric high and a boost of energy. It also enhances creativity, focus, and mood. As a result, people use Sour Diesel as their wake and bake strain of choice. This strain also relieves anxiety, depression, and chronic fatigue. It is useful for PTSD and migraines, as well as to help increase appetite. To combat depressive lows, try Sour Diesel.

Blue Dream

This California strain made our Best Strains for Pain and Best Strains for Seniors lists. Furthermore, it was an honorable mention in our Best Strains of All Time article. It is a versatile sativa dominant (60/40) hybrid that has 18% THC and 2% CBD. Blue Dream’s parent strains are Blueberry and Haze, which are well-loved for their pain-relieving effects. Although this strain is popular for chronic pain patients, it also is one of the best strains for bipolar. Blue Dream produces motivation and an uplifting cerebral high. At the same time, it decreases depression by increasing focus, energy, and motivation. This strain is also beneficial for muscle spasms, lack of appetite, and chronic fatigue. Blue Dream is a great strain to try when in a cycle of depression. 

Jilly Bean

Jilly Bean is a sativa-dominant hybrid (60/40) that is one of the best strains for energy. It has a THC level of 18%. Jilly Bean’s parent strains are Space Queen and Orange Skunk. The combination is an energizing and euphoric strain. Jilly Bean delivers a rush of creativity, focus, and happiness. Although its effects are mainly cerebral, it also soothes anxiety and gives a body high. When experiencing depression and lack of energy, this strain may help. Many people also use this strain for social anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and nausea. It is also particularly helpful in increasing productivity. This strain is best for daytime use, as it is potent and invigorating. 

Strawberry Cough

This strain is named after its delicious taste and the aftermath of coughing after use. It is sativa dominant (80/20) and has parent strains Haze and Strawberry Fields. This strain is not for people new to cannabis. It has a THC level of 22-26% and was featured on our Strongest Medical Strains list. This strain is particularly useful for BPD because it provides a calming and uplifted high. As a result, this strain is useful for daily use, as well as episodes of mania. Many people also use this strain for pain and fatigue, anxiety, and depression. If you need a relaxing strain that won’t lull you into sleep, Strawberry Cough is a great choice. 



There are many beneficial strains for Bipolar Disorder. Some honorable mentions include indicas like Blackberry Kush, Cherry Pie, and Girl Scout Cookies. For hybrid strains, Headband, Pineapple Express, and Jack Herer are beneficial. The best sativa strains include Jet Fuel (or G6), Durban Poison, Agent Orange, and Green Crack


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Note: This article is for informational purposes only. It is not intended as medical advice. Please consult your physician.


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