Top 10 Body High Strains

Top Body high strains

Many people enjoy cannabis strains that give a warm body buzz. It can feel blissfully soothing and relaxing. These strains also help to reduce pain. Read to learn about the top 10 best body high strains and their benefits.

Body High Strains

Cannabis provides a wide range of effects. Some of the most pleasurable effects reported by users include euphoria and a body high. Body highs offer immense relaxation, and relief from anxiety, pain, and muscle spasms. 

Indica strains typically provide the best body buzz. This is due to the fact that indica strains have more CBD than sativa strains. Instead, sativa strains give a cerebral high that stimulates creativity and energy. As a result, the best body high strains are indica or indica dominant hybrids.

Read to learn about body highs and the top 10 best strains. 

What is a Body High?

A body high is a feeling people have after using certain strains. It is a warm, relaxing sensation that spreads over the body. It unlocks muscle tension and replaces it with deep relaxation. Some people get so relaxed that they fall asleep.

Indica strains are most likely to provide a body high. However, there are some sativa dominant strains that can too. It depends on the amount of CBD present in each strain. Cannabis with CBD slows down the rapid fire of cell signaling in the brain. This gives the user a break from chronic stress, pain, and anxiety.  This is especially helpful for those with chronic pain disorders, such as fibromyalgia. Similarly, it is beneficial for those with anxiety disorders like PTSD. 

There are many benefits of using body-high strains. Here are the best strains for a body high, and how they can benefit you.

Top 10 Best Body High Strains

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Harle-Tsu is a high CBD strain that gives a euphoric body high. This sativa dominant hybrid is the result of crossing Harlequin with Sour Tsunami. It has 1% THC and 18-22% CBD. As a result, people who use this strain do not feel altered. It is also useful for those who want to increase their productivity. After consuming Harle-Tsu, people feel euphoric, happy, and relaxed. It provides a warm body high that relieves stress, chronic pain, and muscle spasms. In addition, it reduces inflammation, insomnia, and headaches. People with autoimmune diseases can benefit from this high CBD strain. Reach for Harle-Tsu for an ultra-relaxing body buzz.

Platinum OG

This strain got its name from its shiny white trichomes. It’s an indica dominant hybrid (75/25) with a strong physical high. Platinum OG has 20-24% THC and 1% CBD. This strain has powerful effects. It quickly eliminates muscle spasms and tension, and people feel warm and happy. In higher amounts, Platinum OG can induce sleep and cause couch-lock. Many people use this strain for insomnia, body aches, pain, and muscle spasms. Similarly, it can treat migraines, loss of appetite, and anxiety. Check to see if your local dispensary has Platinum OG on your next trip.

Original Glue

Original Glue is also known as GG (Gorilla Glue) #4. This strain is incredibly sedating and glues people to the couch. It is an indica dominant hybrid (63/37) with very high levels of THC. They typically range from 28-32%, with 1% CBD. This strain was created from crossing Chem’s Sister with Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel. Those that use this strain report feeling an incredible body high and euphoria. People use this strain for muscle spasms, chronic pain, and insomnia. It can also treat nausea, and symptoms of MS, depression, and PTSD. Make sure to try Original Glue, as it’s one of the best body high strains. 

Afghani Kush

Kush strains are well known for their incredible body highs. Afghani Kush is no different. This strain, also known as Afghan OG, is a pure indica. Afghani Kush has 21% THC and 6% CBD. It is thought to be the offspring of Hindu Kush and Afghani. This medical strain gives a strong body high, euphoria, and relaxation. Many people use it for chronic pain conditions, such as fibromyalgia and back pain. It also increases appetite, so be sure to have snacks handy. Afghani Kush can also be used for insomnia, depression, anxiety, and PTSD. It is a great all-around strain.

LA Kush Cake

This strain is an indica-dominant hybrid with 23-26% THC and low CBD. It is a colorful strain with purple and green buds and white trichomes. LA Kush Cake was derived from Original Glue and LA Kush. This strain gives a cerebral high that is quickly followed by a body buzz. Some people experience a warm, tingly sensation. Then the high becomes deeply relaxing and can soothe people to sleep. This strain can treat symptoms of chronic pain, bipolar disorder, and headaches. Additionally, it can be used for anxiety, stress, and fatigue. Use this strain at night, as it can lull you to sleep.


Slurricane is perfect for those looking for a strong medical strain with a body high. It's an indica dominant hybrid (60/40) with 28% THC. It is the offspring of the famous Purple Punch and Do-Si-Dos. This strain gives a strong physical and cerebral high. After use, people report feeling euphoric, happy, and relaxed. Some people also experience a warm, tingly feeling. It can also leave people feeling sedated and couch-locked, so be sure to use it at nighttime. This strain is useful for those with pain and fatigue, insomnia, and muscle spasms. It can also relieve cramps, headaches, and migraines. Slurricane is best for veteran users. Be sure to consume carefully.

Pacific Blue

This strain gets its name from its blue undertones and blueberry taste. It’s an indica-dominant hybrid (80/20) with 20-28% THC and low CBD. Pacific Blue is the offspring of Pre-98 Bubba Kush and DJ Short Blueberry. This strain has strong body effects. Consumers of this strain feel euphoric, deeply relaxed, and tingly. It relaxes muscle tension and relieves pain. Consequently, many people use this strain to treat symptoms of arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other painful conditions. It’s also beneficial for migraines, headaches, and anxiety.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien

This strain is potent and relaxing. It’s an indica-dominant hybrid (75/25) with 24-25% THC. Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien has low CBD but still has strong body effects. It was created from crossing Tiger’s Milk with Stargate strains. As a result, the high is long-lasting and soothing. Those that use this strain feel deeply at ease, relaxed, and euphoric. Some people also experience an increase in creativity and arousal. This strain is famous for its ability to treat chronic stress, pain, and muscle spasms. For an incredible body high experience, try Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien.

Blackberry Kush

Blackberry Kush is a strong medical strain. It’s pure indica with 20% THC and 2% CBD. This strain is potent, so consume carefully. Some people use it for its wonderful body high. After use, consumers feel euphoric, warm, and tingly. It can also give couch-lock in higher doses. This strain is renowned for relieving pain, stress, and muscle tension. It can also relieve insomnia, loss of appetite, and bipolar symptoms. Try this purple strain on your next dispensary visit.

Gandalf OG

This strain can be slightly harder to find than some others, but it’s well worth the effort. This strain is an indica-dominant hybrid (70/30) with high THC. It routinely reaches up to 26-28% with low CBD. Its parent strains are Skywalker OG and Louie XII. People who use this strain report feeling a sedative high and a warm body buzz. Gandalf OG treats insomnia, pain, and anxiety. Be sure to consume this strain slowly as it’s potent. Relax and unwind with this strain. 

There are many body-high strains that might benefit you. Some honorable mentions include

Ice Cream Cake, Purple Punch, and Girl Scout Cookies. Also, Skywalker OG, CBD Kush, and Master Kush should be considered. Lastly, Purple Urkle, Blue Cheese, and Super Skunk are wonderful body-high strains. Ask your cannabis consultant which strains are right for your conditions. 


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 *This article is not intended as medical advice but is for informational purposes only. Please consult your doctor.


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