GMO Strain

GMO Strain

The GMO strain, also known by the names GMO Cookies and GMO Garlic Cookies, is a super potent indica dominant hybrid. It was created by crossing the infamous Girl Scout Cookie strain with Chemdawg and contains a whopping 28% THC. One hit of this strain can throw a one-two punch to pain or any tension you might be feeling.  


GMO Strain Info

  • The average THC content is between 28-33%.
  • The average CBD content is around 1%.
  • This strain is most commonly used for pain relief, depression, nausea, and insomnia.
  • The dominant GMO strain terpenes include caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene.


How to Identify the Strain 

GMO buds are dense and oblong, with purple and orange throughout, and lots of clear crystal-like trichomes. 


GMO Strain Effects

The GMO Cookie strain is a heavy hitter that is roughly 90% indica and 10% sativa. This strain is well-known for producing full-body relaxation, sedation, and couch lock. In fact, some people say that this strain makes them feel like they are floating on a cloud. It’s the perfect strain for unwinding, playing video games, or having long conversations with friends. It’s a feel-good strain that may calm your mind, melt away pain, and uplift you to a state of pure bliss.  

GMO Strain effects


What You Can Expect

  • Even when taken in small quantities, the GMO strain is likely to make you feel very lazy and sleepy. For this reason, the GMO Cookie strain is generally not considered a good daytime strain choice. If you do choose to microdose this strain during the day, be sure to start slowly or you’re likely to experience a severe lack of productivity in your day.  
  • If you suffer from anxiety, you should start at an extra low dosage with this strain and see how it affects you. While the effects are generally more body-centered than cerebral, the most commonly reported side effects of taking too much include paranoia, dizziness, and anxiety. 
  • The aroma of the GMO strain is interesting, to say the least. It’s garlicky and spicy, with notes of coffee and diesel. One thing we can tell you for certain is that this is one of the few strains that can be easily identified by its aromatics.   
  • The GMO Cookie strain is one of the most sought-after strains by patients seeking pain, inflammation, and insomnia relief. Not only does it provide the body buzz that so many chronic pain sufferers are looking for, but it promotes deep therapeutic sleep as well.  


Growing GMO Cookies

  • The GMO strain, aka Garlic Cookies, is an easy to moderate strain to grow if you can find feminized seeds. However, growing this strain from cloned or photoperiod seeds is more challenging.
  • It thrives indoors and out, as long as it’s warm and sunny. It has an average flowering time of 10 weeks.
  • The GMO strain yield averages 16 to 21 oz. per plant.


Strains Similar to GMO Cookies

If you enjoy GMO Garlic Cookies, you may also like these strains: 

Girl Scout Cookie- This timeless, well-known hybrid strain is the parent strain to the GMO strain and the result of crossing OG Kush with Durban Poison. It produces powerful euphoric effects and full-body relaxation that is hard to beat. If you’re looking for stress relief, this is one of the best strains on the market.  It’s widely used for chronic pain, nausea, stress, and loss of appetite. 

Chemdawg- This powerful hybrid strain is theorized to be the result of crossing Thai and Nepalese. It has produced some of the most legendary strains on the market today including OG Kush, Sour Diesel, and of course, GMO Cookies. Chemdawg produces a potent and uplifting cerebral high at the start. This is followed by a heavy body high that is quite sedating. This strain is widely used for pain, stress, anxiety, and depression. 

First Class Funk- This high THC indica dominant hybrid strain is the child of GMO Cookies and Jet Fuel Gelato. Much like its parent strains, this strain leaves users feeling calm, giggly, and relaxed. It was specifically bred for its potency and is a favorite among chronic pain patients for the body high it provides.


Where to Purchase

You can buy GMO strain products from our Santa Rosa Dispensary here, and our Cotati Dispensary here. Need a medical card? Start the process here.

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*This article is not intended to serve as medical advice and is for informational purposes only. Please consult a doctor.


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