How To Order Weed Online

How to order weed online

Obtaining cannabis online in California is easier than ever. With pick-up and delivery options, it’s become simple, as long as you meet the qualifications. Read to learn how to order weed online. 

How to Order Weed Online

A few years ago, people could only dream of having cannabis delivered straight to their door. It has become incredibly convenient to order online, especially for medical cannabis users who may have a harder time leaving their homes. Ordering online can also save both time and money. 

There are a few things to keep in mind when learning how to order weed online. The most important is to know where to obtain your cannabis. Another is how to choose menu items that satisfy your needs. Also, knowing how to get your cannabis card is another important consideration.

Where Should You Purchase Cannabis?

Order weed online at JANE Dispensary

There are several places where you can buy cannabis. However, all California dispensaries aren't created equal. Purchasing from a licensed dispensary with a reputation for offering top-quality products is the only way to safely buy cannabis online. JANE Dispensary offers only the best high-quality, medical-grade cannabis. All cannabis is independently tested for potency, accurate CBD vs THC levels, and more. As a result, you can be sure your purchases will be top quality.

In addition, JANE dispensaries have trained cannabis consultants that are passionate about helping people. Each consultant has had rigorous training to ensure they know the best strains for a variety of conditions. Whether you suffer from headaches, anxiety, pain, or another ailment, the staff at JANE Dispensary can help you. They are available in-store, through online chat, or by phone.

What Do I Need to Order Cannabis Online?

There are only a few requirements to purchase cannabis online. All customers must have a valid state ID, such as a driver’s license. Secondly, with few exceptions, you must be at least 21 years old. In California, there is no requirement to have a medical card to order from a dispensary. However, there are many benefits to obtaining one. Some of them include higher potency cannabis, higher quantities, and not paying sales tax.

How to Obtain a Medical Card

There are several conditions that qualify for a medical marijuana card. A qualifying condition is any ailment that significantly impairs quality of life or requires a medication that can cause dependency. This includes mental illness along with physical illness. Here are some of the most common conditions.

There are many more ailments that qualify for a medical card. Any condition that is normally treated with a prescription that can cause dependence is eligible for a card. 

If you are wanting to get a medical card and live in California, you can start the process for your medical card here.

Pick Up or Delivery

Ordering cannabis online is fast and easy. After obtaining your medical card (depending on the state), showing a state-issued ID, and having a payment method available, you are ready to order weed online. 

Go to JANE Dispensary and click on the Shop tab. There are drop-down options for our two California locations. Our Santa Rosa Dispensary and our Cotati Dispensary both offer pick-up and delivery options. 

We offer a large variety of products- including flower, edibles, concentrates, and vape cartridges. New products are always being added to our menu. Our cannabis consultants are always available to help answer questions and help you find the best products for you. After purchasing your cannabis online, you can either pick it up at the dispensary or have it delivered.  

There is no need to suffer without relief from your ailments. Cannabis offers a natural alternative for treating hundreds of conditions. 

Make sure you sign up for the VIP program too. VIP customers have rewards and special offers. 

JANE Dispensary provides quality locations and helpful experiences to serve all of your cannabis needs. Cannabis consultants can answer questions about how to order weed online and the best products for you. Shop our online dispensary and enjoy getting your cannabis without the lines.  


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