Do Edibles Help With Arthritis Pain?

Cannabis edibles for arthritis pain

Arthritis is a condition that causes swelling, stiffness, and pain in joints. It can also significantly impair the quality of life. People use several different methods to treat arthritis pain. So, do edibles help with arthritis pain?  Read to find out.

Do Edibles Help with Arthritis Pain?

Arthritis is a progressive condition that causes problems in joints. Over time, the symptoms of the disease increase and can lead to disability. Because arthritis is a lifetime condition, it has to be managed in several ways.

Arthritis is a particularly painful disease. Some people experience a dull ache while others have sharp and less manageable pain. When people with arthritis experience flares, their pain increases even further.

Living with arthritis requires lifestyle changes, and sometimes the need for pain control. That is why many people with arthritis use cannabis to treat pain. As a result, we are often asked, “Do edibles help with arthritis pain?” We answer that question here, and which edibles may be best suited for the condition. 

How Do Edibles Help with Arthritis Pain?

Cannabis edibles for arthritis pain

Cannabis will not cure arthritis. However, it works to reduce pain and other symptoms.


Arthritis causes inflammation on the lining of joints. Inflammation has a cascading effect and can damage other parts of the body. However, the cannabinoids in cannabis, particularly CBD, help reduce inflammation and swelling.


Pain is one of the leading symptoms of arthritis. Cannabis can soothe this pain by reducing the sensitivity of pain signals. At the same time, depending on the type of cannabis, it can provide the user a sense of euphoria. The best edibles for arthritis pain will typically contain both THC and CBD.


Some people with arthritis also experience neuropathy. This happens because arthritis can damage nerve cells. Cannabis can reduce nerve pain and provide a better quality of life for chronic pain patients.

Edibles are particularly useful for arthritis management. Here are some ways people use edibles to cope with this condition:

  1. To provide instant relief

  Certain types of edibles, such as mints and lollipops, provide nearly immediate respite from pain and inflammation. They can be used when waking up from sleep, or when pain increases.

  1. To give whole-day relief

Those that need more symptom management can use edibles that last. Choosing products such as baked goods or snacks are excellent choices. They can last between 6-8 hours. Alternatively, products like gummies and chocolates work within 45 minutes and last between 3-6 hours. Use different types as needed.

  1. To cope with flares

When flares are occurring, people can also suffer from insomnia, depression, and anxiety. Consuming edibles with high THC and CBD can relieve the symptoms of all these ailments. 

  1. To reduce inflammation

People who want to reduce inflammation in their bodies can choose high CBD products. Daily consumption of CBD can help reduce symptoms and flares. Edibles that only contain CBD will not cause an altered state.

More research is still necessary to understand the benefits of edibles for arthritis pain. However, it can be used with traditional arthritis medications. Additionally, it can replace or bolster pain medication.

Which Edibles are Best for Arthritis Pain?

There are many different types of edibles at dispensaries. Here are our top picks that can help relieve arthritis pain.

Santa Rosa Location

Kiva Dark Chocolate Espresso Bites

Espresso Terra Bites are crafted from micro-roasted Tanzanian coffee beans coated in premium dark chocolate.  Each bite offers a 1:1 ratio of 50mg CBD to THC. This delicious edible is great for easing arthritis pain so you can get through your day!

Level ProTabs

Level brand ProTabs are available in a wide range of varieties and strengths for all of your pain relief needs. Whether your goal is to get better sleep or you want to be more productive throughout your day, there is a ProTab that can help. Check out all of our varieties and see what the type is all about! 

Kiva Midnight Blueberry Gummies

Imagine alleviating pain and getting a great night's sleep. With Kiva's Midnight gummies, you can! These edibles contain 5mg of THC and 1mg of CBN per gummy. They also contain terpenes and chamomile and lavender extracts to enhance the relaxing effects. Perfect for those looking for strong night time relief.

Cotati Location

Kiva Sparkling Pear Gummies

Kiva's Sparkling Pear gummies offer a ratio of 120mg of CBD to 40mg of THC for a euphoric high without anxiety. These are commonly used to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation.

Bubba's Blend RSO Tablets

This brilliant blend combines the benefits of the ACDC strain with Mendo Crumble.  Each tablet provides 18.74mg of CBD and 6.23mg of THC.  This combination is powerful and perfect for daytime use.

Pomegranate Enhanced 1:1 CBD Gummies

These incredibly balanced drops have 10mg of CBD and 10mg of THC per gummy. These are the perfect edibles for creating an enjoyable mind and body experience, with the added benefit of reducing arthritic pain.


Although edibles cannot prevent or cure arthritis, they can be a powerful healing tool. Cannabis provides a natural and safe way to treat your condition. Please ask your doctor before starting to use cannabis as a method of treatment. 

JANE Dispensary has a Santa Rosa dispensary and a Cotati Dispensary. Our knowledgeable cannabis consultants can help you determine which edibles can help with arthritis pain relief. Please reach out to us with any questions. Shop our online dispensary with pickup and delivery options.

This article is for informational purposes and is not intended as medical advice. Please consult a doctor.


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