Animal Mints Strain

Animal Mints strain

Animal Mints, aka Animal Mintz, is a well-balanced, high-THC hybrid created by crossing Animal Cookies with Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Power. It’s known for producing a strong body and head high and is a top choice for people who struggle with anxiety and stress-related emotional disruptions. If you love high-THC strains that produce balanced mind and body effects, the Animal Mints strain is a must-try.

Animal Mints Strain Info

  • The THC content widely varies between 15-32%.
  • The average CBD content is around 1%.
  • This strain is most commonly used for stress, depression, and anxiety.
  • The dominant Animal Mint strain terpenes include myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene.

How to Identify the Strain 

Animal Mints produces fluffy, medium-sized bright green and brown buds with a dusting of sticky amber trichomes. 

Animal Mints Strain Effects

Animal Mints strain effects

This strain is a heavy hitter so take it slow. Users can expect to feel uplifted and chatty as the cerebral high kicks in, and then lazy and sedated as the intense body high takes over. This definitely isn’t a wake-and-bake strain and is best suited for an evening of unwinding and socializing.  

What You Can Expect

  • Animal Mints is a strain that is likely to have you wrapped up in a blanket and vegging out all evening. This potent strain creates an uplifted euphoric high, but be warned, motivation likely won’t come with it.   
  • The Animal Mints strain is excellent for people who need help relaxing, calming the mind, and going to sleep. While this isn’t necessarily a strain that is a go-to for pain relief, it effectively produces a body high that can help medical users experience a therapeutic night's sleep.
  • The aromatic profile is minty, with hints of cookie dough or vanilla biscotti and pine.   

Growing the Animal Mints Strain

  • The Animal Mints strain is a moderately difficult strain to grow and is best reserved for experienced growers. 
  • The Animal Mints strain flowering time is 8-10 weeks and it produces a moderate yield.

Strains Similar to Animal Mints 

If you like the effects you get from the Animal Mints strain, you may also want to try these strains:

Animal Cookies- This strain is the child of GSC and Fire OG. It produces a powerful full-body high that reduces pain. If you’re looking for pain relief and a good night’s sleep, you should give Animal Cookies a try. 

Girl Scout Cookies- This timeless hybrid strain is the result of crossing OG Kush with Durban Poison. This highly popular strain is known for its euphoric effects and waves of full-body relaxation. Girl Scout Cookies is extremely popular for chronic pain, nausea, and appetite loss, but is a well-rounded strain that can be used for just about any need. 

Blue Power- This prized indica strain was originally the result of crossing the genetics of Sour Double, Master Kush, The White, and Blue Moonshine. However, another version has come out that crosses Blueberry, White Widow, and Skunk#1. No matter what version you consume, the effects you can expect are uplifting, relaxing, and stress relieving. 

Wedding Cake- This popular high-THC hybrid strain, aka Pink Cookies in Canada, is the result of crossing Animal Mints with Triangle Kush. This strain is a powerhouse and is known for calming both the body and the mind. Wedding Cake is perfect for pain relief, insomnia, and appetite loss.  

Kush Mintz- This high-THC hybrid is the child of Animal Mints and Bubba Kush. This strain is complex and tastes like mint and cookies. The effects of Kush Mintz are uplifting and happy, and is excellent for people who struggle with anxiety, stress, and depression. 

Where to Purchase

You can buy Animal Mints strain products from our Santa Rosa Dispensary here and our Cotati Dispensary here. Need a medical card? Start the process here.

JANE Dispensary offers an online dispensary menu with pickup and delivery options.

*This article is not intended to serve as medical advice and is for informational purposes only. Please consult a doctor.


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