Happy Holidays.

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2023 Holiday Gift Guide: Top Cannabis Picks from Jane Dispensary's Staff


When it comes to refined tastes, Jamie's all about the Stone Road Hash Joint. This isn't just any joint; it's a blend of 0.8g of flower with 0.2g of artisanal hashish, giving you that premium experience. Perfect for those who appreciate the craft of solventless ice water hashish and THCa. Plus, it's packed in a fully recyclable cork and glass tube, so you can indulge responsibly.

Domonique's Pick:
CLSICS Live Rosin Gummies Indica CBN + Melatonin Blueberry Milk

These gummies are a perfect blend of flavor and tranquility. Infused with Melatonin and CBN and crafted with pure live rosin, they offer a delightful taste and an enhanced sleep experience. An excellent choice for anyone seeking a restful night.

Laurel’s Pick:
Cann 6pk - Blood Orange Cardamom

Juicy, lightly spiced, and utterly delightful, these Canns are a fun treat without the worry of a hangover. They're great for sipping at parties or for enjoying a chill night in. An excellent choice for those who enjoy a light and happy buzz.

Regielyn’s Pick:

Perfect for calming a restless mind, this rechargeable disposable is a blend of CBD, CBG, and THC. It's formulated to support mobility and comfort, enhanced with naturally sourced terpenes. A thoughtful present for someone looking to relax without a heavy high.

James' pick:
Fable - Night Flight Sparkling BLACKBERRY - HIBISCUS - GINGER - MINT

James and his wife are big fans of this alcohol-free cannabis beverage. Imagine sipping on a refreshing mix of hibiscus, ginger, cucumber, and mint — all made from whole plant extracts, not artificial flavors. Each can has a balance of THC and CBD, sourced from the finest, chemical-free cannabis grown under the California sun in Mendocino and Humboldt.