Support JANE Dispensary's Application for the Healdsburg City Cannabis Retail Permit in Sonoma County

At JANE Dispensary, we are committed to providing safe and regulated access to cannabis products for the Healdsburg community. We believe in the benefits of cannabis and its potential to enhance individuals' lives while contributing to our city's economic growth.

We are currently in the process of applying for the Healdsburg City Cannabis Permit, and we need your support. By signing below, you can show your support for JANE Dispensary and help us positively impact our community.

Why Support JANE Dispensary?

1. Owned by local Healdsburg residents: JANE Dispensary is owned by local residents of Healdsburg. Supporting JANE means supporting your fellow community members. By keeping ownership local, you contribute to the economic growth and sustainability of Healdsburg.

2. Women-owned and operated: JANE Dispensary takes pride in being women-led and operated. By supporting JANE, you are advocating for gender diversity and empowering women in the cannabis industry. Your support helps break down barriers and promotes equality and representation in the business community.

3. Aligned with the Healdsburg community: JANE Dispensary is committed to aligning with the standards, aesthetics, and values of the Healdsburg community. We prioritize creating a welcoming and inclusive environment that reflects the unique character and charm of Healdsburg. By supporting JANE, you are endorsing a business that shares your community's values and contributes positively to the local culture.

By signing, you can demonstrate your support for JANE Dispensary's application for the Healdsburg City Cannabis Permit. Let's work together to foster local economic growth, ensure safe access to cannabis, and enhance community education. Your signature matters in shaping a vibrant and responsible cannabis industry in Healdsburg.


Healdsburg's Cannabis Retail Application Process

The City of Healdsburg has embarked on a comprehensive Cannabis Retail Application process to ensure that only the most professional, community-minded, and compliant businesses set up shop within its precincts. This process is thorough, multi-phased, and demands a keen understanding of both the industry and Healdsburg's unique community spirit.

JANE Dispensary, a family-owned business with deep generational ties to Healdsburg, is proud to have achieved a 100% score in Phase II of the application process. As we advance through the subsequent phases, we remain committed to upholding the standards and values the city prioritizes.

To learn more about JANE, we invite you to visit our existing Cotati and Santa Rosa locations. These stores offer a firsthand experience of how we're committed to elevating the cannabis experience through top-quality products, an inclusive atmosphere, and community engagement.

The Proposed JANE Healdsburg Location

Address: 44D Mill Street, Healdsburg

Design Vision: In alignment with Healdsburg's rustic charm and the heritage of the proposed space—an old agricultural warehouse complex—JANE Healdsburg aspires to reflect an agricultural-industrial design. This design harmoniously integrates the past's agricultural richness with contemporary industrial elements. Echoing the aesthetics of JANE's Cotati store, the Healdsburg location is poised to offer a seamless blend of tradition and modernity.

Why This Location?

This location has been thoughtfully selected for its discretion, tucked away from the square, ensuring a quiet and serene experience for patrons. Further enhancing the convenience is the ample parking space available.

Help Us Make a Difference in Healdsburg and Sonoma County

Spread the word about our application by sharing this page with those who believe in responsible cannabis access. Every signature counts in shaping a robust and responsible cannabis industry in Healdsburg and Sonoma County.

Thank you for your support! Together, we can make a difference.