Indica or Sativa for Weight Loss

strains for weight loss

Many people associate cannabis with “the munchies.” But while certain strains of cannabis can increase appetite, others decrease it. Read about whether to use indica or sativa for weight loss.

Indica or Sativa for Weight Loss

One question we are frequently asked is whether to use indica or sativa for weight loss. It’s seemingly a dream for many to regularly use cannabis and stay slim. 

There is good news for those people. Studies have shown that cannabis users tend to have smaller waistlines than those who do not partake (PubMed1). When choosing between indica or sativa for weight loss, there are no hard and fast rules.

Indica strains tend to help with sleep, appetite stimulation, and pain relief. Conversely, sativa strains are known for increasing energy, creativity, and focus. And hybrids vary depending on the strain. So, how do you choose between the two?

THCV for Weight Loss

There are over 100 cannabinoids in cannabis. The two major ones are CBD and THC. Others, such as THCA and CBG, are also important. New studies have shown that another cannabinoid, THCV, has some meaningful uses. 

THCV is an effective appetite suppressant. It is so beneficial that some people have renamed the cannabinoid “Diet Weed” (Healthline). It is thought to block CB1 receptors that control appetite in the brain in mild to moderate doses. With higher doses, it may actually have the opposite effect. 

THCV is known for reducing appetite while increasing energy. This combination helps many people lose weight. In addition, a 2013 study showed that it can also help improve insulin resistance in animals (PubMed2). We are still learning about THCV for weight loss, but preliminary studies are promising. 

As a result, some of the best strains for weight loss contain THCV. 

Indica or Sativa

indica or sativa

Indica strains, on average, tend to increase appetite more than sativa strains. That is because indica strains make people want to rest, eat, and relax. However, sativa strains encourage people to increase productivity. They are the “get up and go” strains that help people avoid eating mindlessly while laying by the couch. In addition, strains high in THC and low in CBD tend to increase appetite the most. 

CBD also impacts weight loss. It has the potential to reduce cravings, as well as to improve sleep, anxiety, and depression. Hybrid strains with equal amounts of CBD and THC are some of the least likely to increase appetite. Some of them include Cannatonic, Harlequin, and ACDC. 

Some of the worst culprits for weight gain tend to be Kush strains. Many Kush strains, such as Blackberry Kush and Pineapple Kush, encourage people to eat. Kush strains tend to be indica or indica dominant hybrids. 

Best Sativa Strains for Weight Loss 

Here are some of the best sativa strains that can reduce hunger and cravings for food:

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a strong medical strain that has high amounts of THCV. It’s one of the best appetite suppressants and also increases energy

Jack the Ripper

This sativa dominant hybrid is high in both THC and THCV. In higher doses, it is psychoactive. Many people use it to decrease appetite and depression.


Tangie is a sativa dominant hybrid that’s bright and cheery. People use it for its cerebral and uplifting effects. Others enjoy it for its ability to increase focus and experience intense euphoria.

Willie Nelson

This strain has 22% THC and is a pure sativa strain. It suppresses hunger and helps those with glaucoma, inflammation, and migraines. Willie Nelson also has a hefty dose of THCV, so it’s a great choice for reducing food cravings. 

When it comes to choosing indica or sativa for weight loss, you’ll want to look heavily at the individual strain. On average, sativa or sativa dominant hybrids can reduce hunger. However, there are some exceptions, such as Northern Lights and Girl Scout Cookies. Be sure to ask your cannabis consultant for assistance in finding strains for your medical conditions and needs. 


*This information is informational only and is not medical advice. Please consult your doctor.


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