Embrace the Buzz, Skip the Hangover: Your Guide to Dry January and Beyond

Embrace the Buzz, Skip the Hangover: Your Guide to Dry January and Beyond

Are you ready to start the year off with a clear mind and a healthier body? If you've decided to skip the booze this January and beyond, you're not alone! Many are discovering the benefits of a sober start to the year, and we're here to help you navigate the world of non-alcoholic options.

At JANE Dispensary, we believe in supporting your wellness journey, no matter your preferences. That's why we've curated a list of five recommended products that will let you enjoy the buzz without the hangover:


Artet Cannabis Infused Mixed Drink: Unlike traditional aperitifs, Artet is non-alcoholic and infused. Our amaro-inspired blend of botanicals and THC enhances good food, elevates social moments, and unlocks the door to a new kind of mixology.

Artet Dry January JANE Dispensary

Spacegems: These cannabis-infused edibles and elixer beverages offer some of the highest quality, solventless, award-winning, handcrafted edibles and elixers on the market. They come in various flavors and cannabinoid ratios, delivering a tasty and uplifting experience. Perfect for a night out without the alcohol. Try the: Space Gem | Fig Mind Expanding Belt | 50:50 | CBN:THC

Fable: Rethink your drinking ritual with our intentionally crafted, low-dose cannabis-infused cocktails from Fable.

"We wanted to make a real drink with real ingredients, not a seltzer water or soda. A premium drink that truly offered an experience in consumption like that of a fine cocktail. A product people would drink intentionally." - Co-Founders Ben & Kristen

fable cannabis drinks


And here's the exciting part: Join us for a Dry Happy Hour at JANE Santa Rosa on Saturday, January 27th, from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM.

Whether you're embracing a sober lifestyle or simply curious about non-alcoholic options, this event is for you! Be one of the first 50 customers to receive a goodie bag filled with surprises.

Join us at JANE and elevate your happy hour experience. Cheers to a new way of sipping and socializing! 🥂🌿

Dry January Happy Hour

At JANE, we're all about choice, wellness, and supporting your unique journey. So, let's raise a glass to a healthier, happier you in 2024! Cheers to Dry January and beyond! 🥂