Discover Local Gems: JANE Dispensary's Guide to Sonoma County and Northern California's Top Cannabis Farms

Discover Local Gems: JANE Dispensary's Guide to Sonoma County and Northern California's Top Cannabis Farms

Welcome to a journey through Sonoma County and Northern California's esteemed cannabis farms, brought to you by JANE Dispensary. This guide not only highlights the finest local cultivators but also delves into the heart of the cannabis farm-to-table movement and the art of sun-grown weed. Experience how these farms blend age-old traditions with innovative practices to produce exceptional strains, each with their unique character and story. Our guide explores the rich history and sustainable cultivation practices of these artisanal growers, highlighting their dedication to regenerative agriculture and the production of rare, terpene-rich legacy strains. 

1. Sonoma Hills Farm

Renowned for its premium, pesticide-free craft cannabis, cultivated sustainably under the Californian sun. Their focus is on integrating craft cannabis into Sonoma’s rich agricultural tradition, embracing a farm-to-table philosophy. The farm offers a diverse range of genetics, targeting high-THC flowers and complex cannabinoid and terpene profiles for discerning consumers. A standout strain, Pink Jesus, is a sativa-dominant favorite at Sonoma Hills Farm, noted for its high THC content (29.88%) and rich terpenes (2.45%). It delivers an enveloping body high and an uplifting cerebral experience, characterized by lavender and raspberry notes.


Sonoma Hills Farm JANE Dispensary

2. The Bohemian Chemist at Sugar Hill Farm:

Honoring traditional cannabis cultivation, The Bohemian Chemist focuses on regenerative agricultural practices. Their lineup at JANE includes rare legacy strains with diverse terpene and cannabinoid profiles. 

The Bohemian Chemist's first Spiritus Mundi live Resin Cartridge release features a high THCv rich cultivar with 30% THCv and 44% THC. Known for appetite suppressant properties and potential benefits for diabetes, THCv also offers a unique, energizing experience. This .5g cartridge, contains a potent mix of terpenes like Myrcene, Terpinolene, and Ocimene, adding to its unique effects. 

JANE's also the Spiritus Mundi "Big Sur Holy Weed". Another gift from a collector with the well-preserved old school genetics intact. This heirloom has some of the most fascinating lore associated with its origins. It’s difficult to pinpoint the moment of conception for “Big Sur Holy Weed,” but local legend credits a reclusive monk named Perry, who in 1965 planted some seeds from a rare Mexican strain called Purple Zacatecas in the Saint Lucia mountains near Carmel and Big Sur. It was believed that it may have also been crossed to an Afghani skunk called Mazar i Sharif. After growing out these enormous 14’ plants this year with the their loose bud formation and abundant red hairs, everything points to an old school Mexican Sativa. The effects are also remarkable and unique even with a modest THC percentage in the high teens/ low 20s. Total Cannabinoids 27% - THC 24% - CBG 1%.

Explore these product and their unique properties at The Bohemian Chemist on JANE.

big sur holy weed the bohemian chemist at JANE dispensary

3. Moon Made Farms

Moon Made Farms, located in the Emerald Triangle, combines full sun and lunar farming at 2100 feet in a south-facing oak grove. As a Sun + Earth and DEM Pure certified regenerative farm, they follow natural, lunar-based farming techniques. Their mission focuses on providing regenerative Sungrown flower, cultivated with love and intention. Featured product: Forbidden Wonder, a Sativa Dominant strain (Forbidden Fruit x Watermelon Zkittlez) x Pineapple Wonder, offering uplifting watermelon and pineapple notes, with 29.82% THC and 30.5% total cannabinoids.

 moon made farms jane dispensary weed

4. That Good Good Farm

An off-grid, solar-powered family farm cultivating premium craft cannabis in organic, living soil. Located in Mendocino County, they utilize localized microclimates and natural pest management. Product highlight: Gary Payton Premium 1/8ths, a balanced hybrid with a smooth gas flavor. Shop their products at JANE Dispensary's Cotati shop page.

Why Sungrown?

Sun-grown cannabis significantly reduces energy use compared to indoor cultivation, lowering environmental impact and cost. This method uses organic, locally-sourced materials and natural sunlight, emphasizing environmental sustainability. Sun-grown cannabis is said to yield more per plant, with similar potency to indoor-grown varieties when best practices are applied. It benefits from a rich soil microbiome, enhancing growth and plant health. Organic methods reportedly increase potency and improve the plant's health, flavor, and aroma. Sunlight's full spectrum also aids in developing desirable terpene profiles, enhancing the plant's characteristics.

Preserving a Rich Heritage: The Future of Cannabis Cultivation in Sonoma County and Northern California

Legacy cannabis cultivators in Sonoma County and Northern California are pivotal in preserving and advancing the region's rich cannabis heritage. Embracing time-honored growing traditions and legacy strains, these cultivators ensure the future vibrancy and diversity of cannabis in the area. Their commitment to sustainable, regenerative practices and the cultivation of unique, quality strains contributes significantly to the evolving narrative of cannabis, making the region a bastion for high-quality, environmentally-conscious cannabis production.

To explore more of JANE Dispensary's curated flower collection, featuring a diverse range of premium and artisanal cannabis strains from some of the best local cultivators, visit their Cotati shop's flower section at JANE Dispensary's Flower Collection. 

Where to Purchase

JANE Dispensary has two beautiful locations: a Santa Rosa Dispensary and a Cotati Dispensary. Additionally, JANE offers an online dispensary menu with pickup and delivery options.  

*This article is not intended as medical advice and is for informational purposes only. Please consult a doctor.