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Support JANE Dispensary's Application for the Healdsburg City Cannabis Retail Permit

At JANE Dispensary, we are committed to providing safe and regulated access to cannabis products for the Healdsburg community. We believe in the benefits of cannabis and its potential to enhance individuals' lives while contributing to our city's economic growth.

We are currently in the process of applying for the Healdsburg City Cannabis Permit, and we need your support. By signing below, you can show your support for JANE Dispensary and help us positively impact our community.

JANE Dispensary Healdsburg

Why Support JANE Dispensary?

1. Women-owned and operated: JANE Dispensary takes pride in being women-led and operated. By supporting JANE, you are advocating for gender diversity and empowering women in the cannabis industry. Your support helps break down barriers and promotes equality and representation in the business community.

2. Owned by local Healdsburg residents: JANE Dispensary is owned by local residents of Healdsburg. Supporting JANE means supporting your fellow community members. By keeping ownership local, you contribute to the economic growth and sustainability of Healdsburg.

3. Aligned with the Healdsburg community: JANE Dispensary is committed to aligning with the standards, aesthetics, and values of the Healdsburg community. We prioritize creating a welcoming and inclusive environment that reflects the unique character and charm of Healdsburg. By supporting JANE, you are endorsing a business that shares your community's values and contributes positively to the local culture.

By signing, you can demonstrate your support for JANE Dispensary's application for the Healdsburg City Cannabis Permit. Let's work together to foster local economic growth, ensure safe access to cannabis, and enhance community education. Your signature matters in shaping a vibrant and responsible cannabis industry in Healdsburg.

Spread the Word!

Help us gather more support by sharing this petition with your friends, family, and community members who believe in the positive impact of responsible cannabis access.

Thank you for your support! Together, we can make a difference.

JANE Dispensary Healdsburg