Clone Pre-Orders Now Open at JANE Dispensary Santa Rosa 🌱

Clone Pre-Orders Now Open at JANE Dispensary Santa Rosa 🌱
Exciting news for all you green thumbs and cannabis enthusiasts in Sonoma County! JANE Dispensary in Santa Rosa has kicked off pre-orders for our latest selection of premium clones from Phinest Nursery. If you've been thinking about starting your own cannabis garden, JANE has the clones to get you started.
Explore our limited drop of premium clones from Phinest Nursery and secure your picks today. Just select your preferred cultivar and quantity, then let us know how to reach you when it's time to pick up. Don't miss out – reserve yours now with the form below:
In Sonoma County, JANE Dispensary in Santa Rosa is the spot for the best cannabis clones. If you're looking to grow your own this year, we've got a great menu of cultivars from Phinest Nursery to get you growing.

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Top Picks for Your Home Grow
Our carefully selected clone lineup is here to transform your cannabis experience. From the legendary potency of Gelato #33 and #41 to the soaring heights of Jet Fuel Gelato, our clones are curated for every type of grower. Whether you're after that deep relaxation or an energetic buzz, we’ve got the strain for you.

A Glimpse into the Clone Menu

Gelato #33 & Gelato #41 – These Sherbinskis marvels are a testament to the enduring legacy of the Gelato lineage, offering a symphony of myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene. With a medium to high yield and THC levels ranging from 25% to 30%, these cultivars blend the best of Thin Mint and Sunset Sherbert, delivering a smooth, creamy experience with a potent punch.

Jet Fuel Gelato – Propelled by its Compound Genetics heritage, this strain takes off with a rich profile of caryophyllene, humulene, and limonene, promising a journey through euphoric heights. With THC levels soaring between 25% and 33%, its medium yield is nothing short of high quality, embodying the vigor of High Octane and Jet Fuel G6.

Pre-98 Bubba Kush – A nod to the classics, this landrace strain from Pakistan/Afghanistan offers a medium yield with THC levels between 24% and 29%. Dominated by limonene, linalool, and myrcene, it’s a journey back in time, providing a rich, earthy experience with a robust body effect.

Runtz – A modern classic, Runtz merges Zkittlez with Gelato for a tantalizing mix of linalool, beta-caryophyllene, and limonene. This hybrid boasts a medium yield and THC levels between 28% and 33%, offering a sweet, fruit-forward escape with a potent backdrop.

Sunset Sherbert – An 808 Genetics by Berner/Cookies creation, this strain weaves together Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties into a tapestry of medium yield and 24-29% THC. A cultivation classic, it’s cherished for its balanced effects and sweet, earthy profile.

The Exotics: Kush Mints, Carbon Fiber, PB Souffle, and More – These strains represent the pinnacle of breeding, offering heavy to extra heavy yields and THC levels that can reach up to 36%. From the creamy, kushy overtones of Kush Mints to the complex, dessert-like flavors of Carbon Fiber and PB Souffle, each strain is a masterpiece of genetics and cultivation.